I’m now on Slideshare!

by Haifa Carina

Leadership, career growth and community development are the topics I’m passionate about. Thus, when I give public presentations these are the topics I enjoy sharing my thoughts on! Today I’m so happy to share that my presentations are now live on Slideshare

It was only around 2017 when I started to store all my public presentations in one Google Drive folder for quick reference. All presentations prior that I don’t know where they are. Sometimes I make a Bit.ly link to share with the audience for a presentation, sometimes I don’t. Last night with so much time to ponder on anything, I thought maybe for all my future talks it would be better to just share one link for them to access. Right? That’s when Slideshare came into the picture. I remember I made an account before. I logged in and it was empty. Today I’ve completed uploading my presentations. 

So the next time I’m going to give another public presentation, I can now say “To get a copy of the presentation, just go to slideshare.net/haifacarina”.

I think that would be a more efficient way of sharing resources!

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