Information Technology Developers in the Philippines

by Haifa Carina

“Where can I find developers in the Philippines?” is a common question I receive from companies who are starting to build their IT team, expanding the IT functions or looking to find developers to use their technology. 

Being in the tech community since 2011, below are 3 places you can find them: 

  1. Philippine Tech Community. To make your life easier, this website contains a directory of active tech communities in the country where most of them are developer communities or technology user groups. These communities regularly hosts in-person meetups you can attend. You can find links of their website, social media and even public email address to reach out.
  2. Facebook – Many developers don’t attend community meetups but you can find them in Facebook groups specific to the technology they use. You can search “Python developers”, “iOS developers”, etc.
  3. Philippine Tech Hackers. A community where many of the pioneering developers in the country hangout. Most discussions are on Slack. 

I hope you find the right developers you’re looking for! 

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