7 Major Developer Conferences in the Philippines

by Haifa Carina

Whether you’re a developer, an enthusiast or want to reach out to developers, here is your guide to the annual big developer conferences in the Philippines organized by different tech communities.

  1. DevCon Summit
    DEVCON Summit, known as The Biggest Developer Conference in the Philippines, is a national conference that aims to explore the development trends, best practices and tools in growing as a developer. Event is organized by DEVCON Philippines.
  2. function() & .class
    Organized by Philippine Web Designers Organization, the FFC is for advanced techniques in designing and developing for the web taught be the best in the world.
  3. GDG DevFest
    Organized by Google Developer Group – Philippines, the GDG DevFest Philippines brings together experts in Mobile, Web and Cloud technologies to Manila for sessions, workshops and showcases.
  4. PyCon Philippines
    PyCon PH is a community conference intended for collaboration in the developer community. They value the participation of each member of the Python community and want all attendees to have an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.
  5. RubyConf
    This is the only Ruby conference held in the Philippines. The conference’s main goal is to promote Ruby and the strong community behind it.
  6. Wordcamp Manila
    WordCamp Manila. is a fun, informal gathering for the WordPress community. It’s a whole-day of casual and informative talks. We’ll have top level speakers with talks that will inform, entice and inspire all users; beginners and advanced.
  7. Drupal Camp
    DrupalCamp Manila is an annual event where all professional Drupal developers, enthusiasts, and students from different schools and universities gather to showcase learning and celebrate interest in Drupal and in the Drupal Community.

You know any annual developer events you think should be part of the list? Leave your comment below!

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