3 Quick Tips in Getting Rid of Distractions

by Haifa Carina

I started reading Poor Charlie’s Almanack yesterday. On the topic of attracting clients, he said “It’s the work on your desk…. It’s the work on your desk. Do well with what you already have and more will come in.“ To simplify: FOCUS. 

Earlier that day, I finished an application for a community accelerator I was interested in. The application required a series of essays and a video. I decided to start and complete it that day. I wouldn’t do anything else unless I click the submit application button. 5 hours later, I completed my application. Yay!

It is on occasions like this when focus is critical if you want things done. Over time I’ve learned tricks that helped me focus by getting rid of distractions:

  1. Disable All Mobile App Notifications. Well, most of them except for phone calls, SMS, calendar and reminders. With hundreds of apps in our phones simultaneously seeking for attention, I experimented to disable app notifications around 2017. I realized I can live without them. I do enable certain apps when I use them for example when I book Grab. Then disable notification after my transaction.
  2. Block Off Your Calendar for Priority Tasks. I’m a heavy calendar user for all work, fitness, community and personal commitments. In a day, I identify 3 most important task and I block off hours in the day to complete them. I won’t be doing anything else but just the task scheduled in that hour.
  3. Open Relevant Apps and Browser Tabs Only. When I want to focus, I close all apps not related to the task at hand. Keep a browser tab open for social media or any other non-task related, distractions will likely get to you.

These are not remarkably ingenious tricks but they work well for me. What are your tips and tricks in getting rid of distractions to get things done? 

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