Binge-watching Masterclass

by Haifa Carina

I signed up for Masterclass late July mainly because I was really curious about Art of Negotiation class by Chris Voss. It showed up almost every day in my ads for months! It was my fault because I kept visiting the website pondering if I should subscribe or not. It was the $180 price tag that was stopping me. Eventually, I did subscribe and found myself watching one class after another! Worth it!

What I like About Masterclass

  1. Documentary Style Interviews. It feels like the instructors are just storytelling the way documentaries are set-up. It doesn’t feel like a class at all. Most online courses have instructors standing up or share a bunch of slides. 
  2. Well-Structured Content. I like how they theme their topics and stitch together subtopics giving you a bigger picture at the end. 
  3. Short Video Formats. Do 8 minutes sound long to you? They even break it down further to subtopics in a video! 
  4. The Instructors are Masters in their Fields. The magic of Masterclass is the well-curated list of instructors who you know are prominent in their fields backed by experience and contribution.

What I don’t like about Masterclass? I wish they have more classes on business and leadership! Since I binge-watch, I quickly ran out of classes to take that I’m super interested in and ended up watching Gordon Ramsey’s cooking. I’m not a foodie nor super interested in cooking but I was more curious if there’s something I can learn from him – which I did! I learned how to poach an egg and make it fancy! The guy is pretty entertaining to watch doing his art.

What’s my favorite class so far? Still Art of Negotiation by Chris Voss! In his class, he taught practical skills you can use your in daily lives with any human being! The mock negotiations made you see the concepts he teaches in action. And the actual negotiation tapes he shared? Those gave me goosebumps knowing those were real life and death negotiation.

I learned from Charlie Munger (Warren Buffet’s business partner) from Poor Charlie’s Almanack, that one must try to be multi-disciplinary to have wide and various approaches in problem-solving. That’s what I’m trying to do with Masterclass now. Explore what else I can learn from the world of others and see if there are principles I can apply in my world.

Do I recommend Masterclass despite the hefty price? YES!

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