Day 10 of Metro Manila Lockdown

by Haifa Carina

Today is officially Day 10 of Metro Manila Lockdown (Enhanced Community Quarantine), a government effort to contain the COVID19 virus which is spreading exponentially across the globe. Some conspiracy theories say is a biological epidemic orchestrated by China. Some say we’re experiencing the wrath of God while others say its Mother Nature trying to recover.

I think it is what is – an epidemic that needs to be contained and cured. It is a problem that needs to solved. Everyone’s doing their part to contribute in the solution – government, hospitals, foundations, businesses and regular citizens staying home to avoid the virus spread. It’s unprecedented thus the knee-jerk response is a mess of a solution but a solution nevertheless.

The consequences are fatal and even dark if we enumerate them. From where I stand though, there is beauty in what’s happening – people are following the rules of staying at home to protect each other, people are volunteering at their own capacity to contribute – IT people developing solutions for monitoring and navigating resources, restaurant owners providing food for the frontliners, and donations from regular citizens for the hospital supplies. The kindness also spread exponentially as one gets inspired by each others actions. I’ve never seen such united effort and social contribution heightened at this magnitude.

For the mean time, this is me and my siblings playing Drawful2 as a way of bonding while we’re away from each other physically. Highly recommended if you want to play games with family or friends that requires some creativity and personality. It’s free for the next 3 weeks!

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