5 Lessons From My First Casino Experience

by Haifa Carina

One Saturday night, I went casino hopping with friends at City of Dreams and Solaire in Manila. While I’ve played poker and roulette before, it was my first time playing in a casino. It made me feel like a cool and legit adult. Lol. 

Money was easy to win…and lose! So here are my takeaways from that night:

1. Drinks such as juices, iced teas and bottled waters are FREE! 

2. FREE Rewards Card! I think each casino staff has this “newbie alert!”. They see you, approach you and talk you to getting their rewards card. Just like other rewards program, the more you play the more points you get. For first timers, you’ll get freebies like mugs or vouchers. 

3. When you buy chips at a playing table, ensure you have exact amount. They don’t give change. Once you give a bill to them, they’ll slide your money in a locked container (like a piggy bank) and that’s it. They’ll give you chips the same amount as your bill. You can have the chips exchanged anytime though at the cashier. 

4. In Roulette, you can ride in someone’s bet. Per table there is a minimum bet, if you have chips less than the minimum, you can ask any better to ride in. If he wins, you win as well. Same if he loses.

5. Blackjack tables are usually full. One of our friends really wanted to play Blackjack. We visited the area many times but tables were always full. Even when we decided to move to the next casino, the blackjack tables were still full. 

Overall it was a fun experience! Franz and I spent our gambling gains pigging out. Ultimate win! 

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