Sponsorship Tips and Tricks

by Haifa Carina
Sponsorship Tips and Tricks by Haifa Carina

Last June 15 at the Philippine Tech Community Leads Meetup #8,  I gave a presentation on How to Close the Deal: Sponsorship Tips & Tricks. We had a really good discussion with lessons and stories from our own struggles as tech communities whose main source of funding is through sponsorships.

I’ve was the former Executive Director of DevCon Philippines, a national non-profit volunteer organizations for developers for almost 4 years who now has a reach of over 50,000 developers in the country. Like fellow tech communities, DevCon’s main source of funds come from sponsorships. During the 4 year course, DevCon raised almost 20 million to cover its nationwide activities.

How did we raise such funding? You’ll find the answers in the presentation I’m sharing below.

Like many others, we started as clueless people. Back then, I personally sent out over 40 PRINTED sponsorship letters only to get response from only 1 person! Those were the times I couldn’t help but feel rejected and ignored.

Big thanks to my little sister Thezza for helping me with the photos and overall design of this presentation. I hope you’ll find this presentation deck useful in your journey in getting sponsors!

Download the deck here: http://bit.ly/sponsorshiptipsntricks

UPDATE: Together with Google Developers invited me to share insights in their monthly global Community Management Talks on the topic of sponsorships. Hope this will serve as additional resource for you! You can view the video here.

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