What The Bookshelf is Telling Me

by Haifa Carina

Meet my one and only book compartment in the house donated by my kind brother! I’ve bumped into this article entitled What does YOUR book genre say about you? and thought of sharing about my bookshelf. I still have other books back in my hometown but I just kept my favorite books with me.

As you may have noticed, almost half of my books are by John Maxwell. I can’t get enough of his books especially the anecdotes of historical and prominent individuals. They keep me amused and inspired all the time even if I read them again and again. I think around 80% of the books I bought with my own money were his.

The rest were given to me either by my father or brother. Thus, I can say that my genre is Self Help. And here’s what it says about me according to the article: You have a genuine interest in what makes people tick and how they can learn and grow. Not one to sit on their laurels, you are constantly striving to be the best person you can be. So me!

Then there are two books at the right most corner about Style/Fashion both bought by my father. When I started working (May 2011), my father said i should improve my fashion sense. Was I really that bad in dressing myself up? haha. Then he started giving me copies of the Manila Bulletin’s Style Weekend. Well, most of my clothes now are quite different from the usual clothes I wear back then so there must have been a progress! LOL.

So, what does your bookshelf say about you?

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