Favorite Lessons From A Wedding Meeting

by Haifa Carina

I’ve been accompanying Joed, my teammate before at DevCon, on her wedding gigs lately. We will do events coordination but far different from the usual tech events we did together. This year, we have 3 weddings in line and I can’t wait!

Few days ago, I attended a wedding planning with a couple who will be renewing their vows on their 25th anniversary! Their wedding stylist, photographers and videographers were there too! The couple now have two kids already in college and the other in med school. They seem really happy and excited.

While I could share how the meeting went, we can skip the details. Here are my favorite lessons from the meeting:

From Jason, photographer on wedding videos…
Background music are usually underground music unless the couple requested otherwise. That explains why most of the wedding video songs sound new to me.

From Tito on life…
When you already have kids, you start to see things differently for their future.

From Joed on renewal of wedding vows…
When Joed shared a background of the wedding, I couldn’t believe it at first! I haven’t attended renewal of wedding vows ceremony nor have heard about it. So I had difficulty absorbing the thought of a couple re-marrying because I couldn’t see any sense. Well, it happens. Joed said its a big milestone celebration.

There are so many interesting ideas and lessons to learn on weddings. This will be my first wedding coordination and I’m super excited already!

Photo from http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/files/2013/03/Marriage.jpg

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