Tuesday Night With Brothers!

by Haifa Carina

The three of us siblings are based in Ortigas now. So once in awhile we go out for dinner together.

Tonight we’re at Podium. My older brother Labe and I accidentally met outside Anson’s building where he was playing Ingress. We went in together to see Laboy “The Manager” as being joked at home. He was on the couch at the 2nd floor waiting. The Manager was sleepy because of the soft couch he said.

After awhile we went to my favorite place in Podium, Yaku! And im still Foursquare mayor here. Labe and I ordered my favorite Gyudon and Laboy ordered Tendon. I had bottomless Iced tea so I was soooo fuuull.

For dessert, we didn’t have one but had milk tea instead on the highest floor (5th i think?).

I really enjoy times like these when we could talk about Ewok, Mama Cat, Big Cat and the two noisy pusakals at home. Stuff like money struggles, work, bike, events and especially how mama, papa and tisa (little monster sister) are doing back in CDO. One of the regular days but is worth a thousand treasures.

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