My 3 Favorite Parts on a Wedding Reception

by Haifa Carina

Last week, I just had my 4th gig as part of a wedding coordinating team. I’ve always been the trustee at managing preparations at the reception. So when everyone leaves to church, im headed for the reception area. Thus, I dont have experience on what happens at the church or the actual wedding ceremony.

What I can share you now are the things happening at the reception or the party. Most have similar format. There’s the entourage entrance, the first dance, toast, speeches, cake slicing, games and video presentations.

While they are mostly standard, I would like to share to you my favorite parts:

1. Bestman’s Speech. There is something special when guys share thoughtful words to their fellow guys. You don’t see it everyday. Guys are very thoughtful but they dont say as often as girls do. I also find it cute when they share embarassing stories of the groom and the groom cant help but blush. This speech usually is also the funniest.

2. The band. Im not sure if having a band at a wedding is required but having one adds so much romantic atmosphere. When everyone is having dinner and the band, real people with real voice, plays beautiful songs that would make you fall in love… is priceless.

3. Same Day Edit (SDE) videos. Amazing how fast they could create videos in minutes! I did mention I havent had experience in the actual ceremony right? So watching the SDE is the only time I could see
how it was like. The march. The
vows. The music. SDEs makes you want to cry even if you dont know who those people in the
videos are. Crazy right?

And that’s it! Program flow is pretty standard but every reception feels different from each other depending on the theme and guests. And all reception makes you feel happy to be part of a celebration.

Wanna know what team I’m part of? I’m with Joed See Events.




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