5 Reasons Why A Bestfriend Makes Life More Awesome

by Haifa Carina

Its fun to have a lot of friends. Its even more fun to have a lot of close friends. But nothing competes a life with a bestfriend.

The pretty lady on the picture is my bestfriend Kim. I took this picture couple of months ago when we were in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on a budget trip. We’ve known each other in college as Computer Science students and been together since. Looking back, it was a roller coaster ride but it wouldnt be as amazing as it could without her in the picture.

… so here are my reasons why a bestfriend makes life more awesome:

1. Freedom! Go crazy as you like! Chances are you are both crazy when you’re together. It really counts when you have someone whom you feel comfortable to share your weirdness without being judged. YOLO!

2. You can split expenses!
Two is better than one especially when you go out to eat. You can try any food and drinks then just split the bill after. You can go buy a gift or services then share the cost too!

3. No need to explain.
Like it or not, your bestfriend can read you. She can tell when you’re mad, interested or joking. When one of you is in a difficult situation the other seems to already know what to do without you asking for it.

4. Dreams.
Hopeful and ambitious beings, both of you talk about being an astronaut or building a large sports complex and many pictures of your future. Like kids, you both just let them all flow…

5. Shared experiences.
I think the best moments are those shared. Its happier to celebrate an achievement with someone. Its more fun to explore the unknown places with someone. Its more bearable to face struggles, failures and heartbreaks with someone. And when that someone is the same person, best part would have to be the stories that you can share together and laugh with nonstop.

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