Presentation, Comfort Zone and Deal With it! I’m Nocturnal!

by Haifa Carina

My blog is alive! Yey! And I want it to stay alive!  So I came up with the thought of posting “3 Lessons I Learned Today” category to chronicle the important lessons of the day. Hopefully I can manage to post one daily. (haha). Wish me luck!

1. Prepared presentation is a must in doing sales. I still couldn’t believe I haven’t thought of that. So glad I asked advice from Love during our coffee break earlier! Maybe, I was that confident that spontaneous coffee conversations is good enough to win deals. Well, good enough is never good enough especially to an amateur like me. I asked him (yup! Love is a guy and no, he’s not gay. :P) to mentor me with the financial aspect of our non-profit organization. He’s a financial adviser at a big time insurance company and I think I could learn so much from him. Now, back to basics!

2. Haifa! Go out of your circle! If I really wanted to grow, how can I do that if I stay with my comfort zone? Thanks to Love I realized that I haven’t been exploring outside our long time partners. Time to open the doors for new comers! Now that I think of it, I’m excited to show the potential partners the opportunities available and how awesome the developer community in the Philippines is!

3. Being nocturnal works for me. Period! My first realization that I work best at night was in high school. I enjoyed writing essays at midnight til dawn because the ideas flow naturally. Math problems were easier to understand and solve. And my brain absorbed easier at those hours.  This continued to college and up until now. Health magazines or personal development articles say that one should strive in being a morning person. One will be healthier and more productive. After so much failed attempts at being one, I decided to give it up! I’ll stick with what works for me and do what I do best at the my most productive time of the day (or night?).

What are the 3 lessons you learned today? :)

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