Parents for a Day!

by Haifa Carina



Last Saturday was the birthday of our friend Joie. She decided to celebrate her birthday at Concordia Orphanage at Sta. Mesa, Manila where her guests would become parents for a day.

More than half of her attendees were friends from college so we’re like in a reunion…with kids! Lol. My big brother Matt, who happen to be Joie’s former officemate was also there.

For Franz and me, baby Jayson was our angel of the day. He was 2-months old with very cute dimples and adorable smile! We were playing with him and i enjoy the sound of his laugh until he started crying and we didnt know what to do! One baby attendant came in and said the baby feels hot (the sun was scorching hot that afternoon). She said best to have the baby sleep for that moment.

After that, we went to the other room to play with toddlers. We assisted during the merienda time of the kids. Then the guests had merienda time and sang Joie a happy birthday!

With this experience, what did we learn? Its expensive to have a baby! A can of infant milk worth PHP400 could only last for 3 days! I was surprised to learn that.. Really. But playing with babies sure is fun!

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