Happy Birthday Father of Nonsense Family!

by Haifa Carina

Months ago, I read an article written by a father to their daughter on his lessons and message on navigating life. I thought it was sweet so I shared the link to my father and asked him if he can write a similar article (he’s a crazy good writer). His response was “but i’ve never been around when you were growing up”. I felt sad but said then you can write about whatever shared memories we have!

Since today is his 68th birthday, I thought maybe I’ll be the one to write for him instead!

To my dearest father 1,394 km away

On your 68th birthday I have some words to say

Last week we cheered with an “unbirthday” cake

Today sharing a message is how we celebrate


Remember in grade school when I got interested in writing?

The next day you bought me books you said for my reading

Today I still do what you taught me

Read to learn, understand and see


While sometimes you can be very stubborn

Listening to other people’s views is your norm

Many times I don’t understand how you prioritize

But whatever makes you happy I can oblige


You like to tinker with new things you bump into

Often nonsense, sometimes useful too

You like to explore new places or corners around

You’re already a senior with curiosity still unbound


What I truly admire the most that clings

You see the fun and humor in the tiny mundane happenings

From the documentaries you watch

To the little things your cats catch


To make people laugh is your kind nature

Sharing your fun stories you enjoy for sure

Even when your kids are away,

We love you pa, happy birthday!

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