Eye Check-Up: Nearsighted Folks Can Relate

by Haifa Carina

Today marks my Day 1 for a 300 Word Daily Challenge! What’s easy to write about is of course about myself!

Couple of days ago I went to have my eyes checked. When you have a damaged pair of eyes like me, you’re advised to have a regular check up atleast once a year just to see if there are changes in your grade.

To those with no idea what grade im talking about, an eye grade is essentially the measure used on how well you can see at a distance. You can read more about it here. The normal is .20 or 20 both left and right. Usually, you can find in career requirements especially with flight attendants. You need to have a 20/20 vision. Can you guess what’s mine?

Yup! It’s in the picture. Left is 4.00 or 400 while right is 4.25 is 425. The higher the number, the more nearsighted you are. In my case, i can only see things or read words clearly probably one meter near me. The rest is a total blur!

It makes daily activities a little hassle but one can adjust eventually. I used to wear glasses in high school then started wearing contact lenses in college. Contact lenses for me are heavenly gifts! Im a person who moves a lot and forgets a lot so eye glasses are annoying for me.

So back to my eye check up, the eye doctor started to show me letters in red and green background. Then he told me to read characters from big fonts to smaller fonts. During that drill, there was one thing i was hoping for: that my grade would stay the same. I dont want them to increase at all. Why? If it continues to increase, eventually there will no longer be available contact lenses for my grade! Lol.

I felt relieved after my check-up so I bought myself a pair of amethyst contact lenses! I was wearing green the previous months.

If you have a poor eyesight, how did your last eye check-up go?

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