Ace Water Spa: A No Ordinary Spa Experience

by Haifa Carina

I just had my first hydrotherapy massage experience at Ace Water Spa (AWS) today! AWS was like an amusement pool area for massages. I was with my friends Kim, Lope and Kor. We made sure to try all the massages available!

Too bad they don’t allow pictures inside the spa so I can’t show you the interesting parts. The first thing we tried was the lazy river where you ride a huge floating pad and go with the current. Then you’d pass by some falls and pool sprays.

There were different kinds of massage systems, many are especially designed for the feet, back and buttocks. Some are also multi-point pressure. Another interesting part of the venue is their hot herbal pools! There were Jasmine (40 degree Celsius – like a hot spring where Lope can’t take. LOL), Mint (37 degree Celsius) and two other I forgot the names. There was also a mini-pool with the water cold as ice! They have steam room and SAUNA room! It was my first sauna experience and i like it!

They also have this huge lapping pool. There were lanes for fun swimming, and lanes for non-stop swimming. When we entered, we slowly swam to the middle of the lane while chitchatting. We didn’t know it was one of the non-stop, so we were whistled at to either do some real lapses or move to another lane. Kim and I couldn’t swim by the way. We do joke2x swimming. LOL. So it was a real effort to reach the end of the pool. Then we moved to the the fun lane, we noticed that the thing that divides the lapping pool feels good to roll at one’s back and we continued doing it. Then we got whistled again. Kor joked, “Oh, we thought it was one of the massages!” There was a cute girl running around the area, then she was whistled saying no running. But she left the assistant, and ran again. The pool assistants sure were very busy whistling that day.

Overall, I had great time! One of a kind experience worth repeating!

Thank you Belle de Jour Power Planner for the Buy One Take One Coupon at Ace Water Spa!

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