5 Ways on How To Learn from Others

by Haifa Carina


Today I started reading again! The chapter I am reading now is so invaluable not to share. Its from the Learning Principle Chapter of John Maxwell’s book Winning with People.

He says that if you have a teachable attitude – or you are willing to learn to adopt one – you will be positioned well to learn from others. Below are the steps on how to learn from others:

1. Make Learning Your Passion
Sometimes when people reach a point of being successful or being an expert, they think they wont learn from any other people than those more successful than him. But that shouldnt be the case. If one desires to keep growing, he canot sit back in a comfort zone. Each person must make learning his goal.

2. Value People
Its when we start to value people that we learn from them. It could be strangers, acquaintance or friend of a friend. When you value a person, you are inclined to listen. Then learn.

3. Develop Relationships with Growth Potential
We need to find people who are especially likely to help us grow – experts in our field, creative thinkers who will stretch us mentally, achievers whi will inspire us to the next level.

4. Identify People’s Uniqueness and Strengths

Each person will have something superior over you. People grow best in their areas of strength – and can learn
the most from another person’s area of strength.

5. Ask Question
My favorite! You learn a lot when you ask questions.

Hope these 5 things helped you in any way!

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