2014 Goals are set!

by Haifa Carina

Welcome 2014!

Its the time of the year when everything starts fresh and new! Last year, my focus was career and adding value to the Philippine IT industry. This year I’m focusing on something I love since I was a kid: TRAVEL!!

Since many of my goals this year involves 4 items in my bucket list, im sharing my major goals here this year!

– #6 Travel 25 Philippine towns/cities
– #9 Skydive
– #13 Learn how to surfboard
– #19 Couchsurf

– Post a total of 52 blog entries at haifacarina.com
– Call family atleast once a week for 3 months
– Complete a personal iOS project

– Join 2 5k runs
– Join 1 10k run
– Enroll in a fitness class for 3 consecutive months

– Increase gross annual income by 20%
– Complete a paid iOS project
– Complete reading Project Management Body of Knowledge 5th Edition

That’s it! 2014 I’m super duper ready for you!

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