Mt. Ulap, Benguet: I can touch the sky!

by Haifa Carina

Literally. At Mt. Ulap, the clouds are within reach hence the name. We conquered the mountain last April 2-3 together with our original hiker buddies. You gotta love the trail with all the pine trees around!

At the summit, I was surprised there was a mini-store where you can buy snacks (biscuits, chocolates, juice) and what’s more? COLD Gatorade! Yes, nothing beats a cold drink after a looong hike!

Mt. Ulap is one of the most scenic mountains I’ve been to. But what’s special about this hike was the debut of our newly bought and owned two-door tent from Habagat! Franz and I have been borrowing tents for the last 3 years, now we own one! Yay!

ONE PEACE mt ulap squad franz, haifa and david at mt ulap frand and i

our tent

Photo Credits: Mark Lester Santos

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