Intro to Marketing Wk2: Customer Decision Making and the Role of Brand

by Haifa Carina

Week 2! This week Professor Kahn focused on Shopper Marketing.


Sharing with you my notes below.

Shopper Marketing
– understanding the shopping experience from a shopper’s point-of-view

Stages of Buying Process
1. Awareness of Need
2. Identify Products
3. Get Information about Products
4. Evaluate Products
5. Purchase Product
6. Use Product
7. Post-Purchase Positive Evaluation
8. Word of Mouth

Awareness of Need
– Shopping Goals (seasons, back to school)
– Create Urgencyr
– Reminder Notices
– Brand New Product
– Create Events (ex. fashion)
– Email List
– Create Conversation/Dialog (Facebook, Twitter)

Identify Product
Consideration Set

Formation of CS:
1. Branding: Internet Search
– Evoked Set
– Unrecalled Brands
2. In Store: External Search
– Brands Found Through Search
– Brands Found Accidentally

How to Help wity Choice Overload
1. Alignability of Attributes
2. Help Consumers Learn Preference – Omni Channel

Purchase Stage

What does customer satisfaction mean?
F (Perceived Performance – Expectations)


Messages that Catch On and Get Shared
1. Social Currency
– we share what makes us look good
2. Triggers
– when reminded, we share
3. Emotion
– emotional messages are more powerful
4. Public
– making behavior public makes it more catching
5. Practical Value
– we like to be useful and informative
6. Stories
– effectiveness depends on celebrity’s expertness

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