I am moving out!

by Haifa Carina

Today I got my keys to my first rented condominium unit in Makati City. I am moving out from our apartment and moving in to Jazz Residences where my work is walking distance away. In this post, I’ll share with you how I ended up there.

I currently live with my big brother in a 2-floor apartment with 2 bedrooms in Mandaluyong. Both of us are working nightshift and we go to work and back riding Uber. The traffic wasn’t getting any better so mid last year he mentioned he’s moving out to a place where he can walk from his place to work. And he said i should too. Took me weeks to fully sink in what he said. Where do I live next? Should i move to BGC with my big brother? Should i move with my friends to their apartment? Or should I try to live on my own?

Many times on my way to work I pass by Jazz Residences and wonder if i move there. It looks nice and its pretty near my workplace. Months passed by my brother and I haven’t finalized our plans yet. Then February this year he said our target move date is August. I still wasn’t sure where to move but I was leaning towards getting a unit in Jazz.

I frequented OLX to see and compare ads with my saved searches. My requirement was 1 bedroom with balcony preferably fully furnished but I don’t mind getting an unfurnished one and fill-in them in myself. Furnished units starts at P23k. The lowest unit I can get unfurnished is P18k.

To prepare myself, I opened a checking account and started saving a huge chunk of my income for my Move Out Fund as its usually 1 month advance and 2 months deposit. Come June, my brother udpated me our new target is September. On my regular OLX visits for my saved searches I found a unit who was renting it out for a day. I thought maybe I should try living there for a day to see if I like it. I was sold! It amazing how a home can be beside a mall and the place feels like a resort! Bonus the beaufiful view of Makati Skyline! This will be my place I thought.

July came I finally raised my target savings for my move out. Since our target move is still September, I feld secured and starting thinking of my next target which is for my Japan Trip Fund.

Sunday afternoon out of habit, I browsed my saved search again in OLX and was surprised to see the lowest fully furnished unit in months! It was only for P20k. I immediately called the unit owner to inquire. I learned the unit was occupied by her daughter when she used to work in Makati but has now moved to Ortigas. She said they have to do minor repairs in the unit and needs to clean the unit before scheduling a unit viewing. Minutes after our call, I thought this unit will definitely sell soon. This opportunity is too good to pass up. So I sent her a message Im getting the unit.

The next Sunday, I already have my signed lease contract. I gave my downpayment and post-dated checks. I tell you I felt like a legit adult transacting with my own checks! lol. She showed me the unit located on the 45th floor. It was very homey with incredible number of storage and a spectacular view! The next day my keys were turned over to me. I am ecstatic and I can’t wait to live here the soonest possible!

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