First Onsite Work

by Haifa Carina

Today I was requested to work for a day at the client’s office. And this is a first! I was super excited to work in a new environment!

Im currently developing a Windows 8 phone app with Sharepoint data for them. Both technologies I have no previous experience with. My bosses believe I could do it, then gora! So far, Im having fun working with these technologies.

The GBF team were very nice and attentive. Office was neat. What I love about the GBF office is the window overlooking the establishments, trees, cars and people 16 storeys below. Although the view of our office back at 22nd floor of the Corporate 88 Center was way better! nyahaha.

How was it working in a new environment for a day? For a girl like me who enjoys jumping into new places, I like it! It always nice to see and interact with new set of people.

Ill be back there this Thursday for another day of onsite work! Looking forward to it!

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