2017 September Routine on Personal Growth

by Haifa Carina

As I learn more about successful peoples’ stories, they always have routines related to their growth in different aspects. And each person has their unique ways of learning.

I think its also very different at a certain point in their life.

As of today, here are the routines I have in the last few months:

  1. I listen to podcast when I walk or commute. Current favorites are Masters of Scale and Tim Ferris Show.
  2. I listen to audiobooks now vs reading ebooks via Audible or iTunes. I used to read ebooks but now I get headaches when reading on moving vehicles (even emails!). I play them at 1.5 speed so I finish them faster.
  3. I read articles on Twitter. I use a list named Self Development where I add accounts that tweet about growth, leadership and entrepreneurship such as Entrepreneur, Forbes, SUCCESS, Fast Company and INC among my favorites.
  4. I take a course on Udemy (one at a time). Everyday at 6pm I try to watch at least one course video. Right now I’m enrolled in The Complete Digital Marketing Course 2017 by Rob Perical and Daragh Walsh.

And that’s it! May the future me be as awesome as I aspire to be!

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