by Haifa Carina

COMPASS by Haifa Carina is a personal blog of Haifa where she writes about her life adventures as she completes her bucket list and shares the growth initiatives of the Philippine tech community.

Haifa Carina is a tech community builder from the Philippines. She leads and promotes various initiatives for the Philippine tech community, volunteers for DEVCON Philippines and curates for Startup Digest Philippines.

Currently, she’s the Senior Manager for Market Development at Amihan Global Strategies, a strategic consulting company that designs and implements digital transformation for ASEAN enterprise companies. She was the Executive Director for DevCon Philippines, a national volunteer organization promoting collaborative growth and competence among developers in the Philippines. Prior to DevCon, Haifa was an iOS developer, project manager and consultant. She has bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Ateneo de Cagayan – Xavier University.

Haifa is a marathoner, wall climber and Spartan racer. She loves to travel and dreams of building her own underground house.



I give talks sometimes. Below are the topics I’m passionate about:

  • Tech Community Management
  • Career Growth and Development
  • Community-Driven Tech Events

My life’s purpose in one blog post.


Write me at [email protected].

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